At Baine's Books & Coffee

Thursday night open mic, Appomatox, VA, during our April ’15 road trip. What a great place, full of an amazing collection of books, art, instruments, good food and nice people. Check them out online, or, better yet, stop in when you are in the area. Tell them we say “Hi!”


John getting ready to play “Sweet Virginia” in a battlefield at Gettysburg. April ’15.

The road side sign

Our show 11/28/15 at Bread Euphoria, in Haydenville MA. Have to admit it is fun to drive by on our way to work and see this out by Rte 9.

A perfect summer day.

Our set up at the Ashfield Farmer’s Market August 2015.

At Baine's Books & Coffee

The window at Baine’s Books and Coffee, Appomatox, VA. Did we already say that it is a great place?!

Camping by the James River, VA

During our road trip April ’15. You never know where or when inspiration will strike. After spending a very, very, very cold night complete with brilliant stars and several train passings, John was inspired to write a new song: James River Run. It’s become one of our favorites to perform, and will likely be on our next CD (optimism speaks).

One of the shots from our CD photo shoot day,

August 2015. Thank goodness for a really good camera with a self-timing feature.

At Luthier’s Co-op, Easthampton MA

This has to be one of the coolest places to perform in The Valley. Take a close look at the walls —- guitars, fiddles, mandolins. Ambiance! Luthier’s is a guitar shop by day, and a bar and performance spot by night. A great place to get out and support local music.