frequently asked questions about us...

Did I hear one of your songs on Car Talk on NPR?

Yes, indeed that was us!  Our song, My Old Truck, was a featured song in show #1616, which first aired on April 16, 2016.  Thanks to a good friend (thanks, Reed!) who suggested we send it in, and then also called us when he heard it played, we had the HUGE thrill of hearing our song on the radio!  And now when we perform My Old Truck we get to say, “as heard on Car Talk!”   Don’t know where that fits on the “you know you’ve arrived when…” scale, but it feels fun and amazing to us.

Have you been playing together long?  

Heck no!  While we have been married awhile, 29 years in fact, the music thing is new.  Well, newish, at this point.  Peg played the piano as a youngster, and had a love/hate relationship with it.  She liked playing an instrument, did not like practicing and chafed against the tight confines of classical piano.  Not surprisingly she stopped playing when the tyranny of sheet music became simply too much to bear.  But, she did come away understanding and reading music – both would prove to be useful later.

John had no musical background at all prior to a midlife moment decision to learn how to play the guitar,  back in around 2003 or 2004.  He set about the task with something dangerously close to obsession…okay…it was obsession.  

After mostly cheerfully enduring the beginner-guitarplayer start-up phase, it occurred to Peg that instead of just cheering from the sidelines she might get in the game too.  She knew music and had always liked the bass. Pretty soon they were playing and singing together.  Which leads to the next question.

What is the “Luck” part of One Part Luck?

Peg had always loved singing.  Lots of chorus and choir as a kid.  John had basically never sung anything that anyone else might hear, believing that it was something he simply did not have the slightest talent for.  As it turns out, he can carry a tune, and – here is the luck part – John and Peg’s voices blend together pretty well.  More than the sum of the parts, in fact.  The song writing thing followed along, and here we are having a helluva good time making music together.

Nothing But Love // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  1. Nothing But Love // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  2. Bad Weather // One Part Luck
  3. Pickin’ Up The Pieces // One Part Luck
  4. Trouble // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  5. Sweet Virginia // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  6. Do Right Daddy // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  7. You Might Be Wrong // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  8. Them Bones // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  9. Personal Day // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  10. My Baby’s Like The Sun // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  11. Home To You // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  12. My Old Truck // One Part Luck - One Part Luck
  13. Sinner’s Final Prayer // One Part Luck - One Part Luck